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Game Rule

Fantastic Animals 5thcontains all the advantages of 4th. There are 3 link ways which are Single Line, ALL and ANY Dinosaur. 
Moreover, the player has chances can win the points of Special Bonus, BONUS, JP Games, CROSS Games and JP Times.

Game Procedure

There are 8 lines for each bet. The minimum bet is 40 points and the maximum bet is 80 points. Every reel will run individually when press spin.After all of reels stop, the player will win when the spin result matches the Odds.

[Slingle Line](Prize = Bets × Odds)


[ALL](Prize = Total Bets × Odds) [ANY Dinosaur](Prize = Total Bets × Odds)


[Special Bonus]

When place the full bet (80 points) and get the below awards, then, can win the full Special Bonus. If place bet (≧40points) and get the below awards, then, can only win the half Special Bonus. 

(When Special Bonus repeat, will take the highest prize.)





Win 30 bonus points

[JP games]

Win JP games bonus points

Points’ calculation: parallel numbers x vertical numbers x 100 = bonus points of JP Games.(JP Games will auto play, do not deduct the bet.)

[CROSS games]

The player gets 3 ~ 6 opportunities to play Free Game.

If the appearing symbols are the same as the symbols on Animal cross or Bell lines during the free game, the player can win the points which show on the symbols.

[JP times]

If a Single Line appears during JP times, the bonus point has a chance to be doubles or triple.(Have to place the full bets, then, get chance to enter JP times)

  • Game Screen


    Special Bonus: sequentially from top to bottom for identical animals bonus, 5 or more dinosaurs bonus, 3 dinosaurs’ lines, animal cross, bell lines, ice cream lines.

    Bet animals: can choose turtles, pigs, puppies or birds.


  • JP Games



  • CROSS Games




  • JP Times



  • TOTAL BET : The bet amount of this round.
  • WIN : The winning amount of this round.
  • CREDIT EXCHANGE : Exchange and cash out.
  • Bet:Bet points per line.
  • AUTO PLAY/STOP AUTO PLAY : Choose Auto Play or Stop Auto Play.
  • SPIN/STOP : Start or stop spin.
  • USER ID : Display the user’s ID
  • CREDITS : Display the current credit points.
  • SN : Game round
  • DEPOSIT : Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
  • SOUND : Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
  • MUSIC : Clicking to start or stop the background music.
  • HISTORY : Clicking to show the history data.
  • HELP : Clicking to show the game rules.
  • EXIT : Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.