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Game Rule

Circus is an exciting new type of slot game, featuring the 3 clowns and 4 animals. Circus lead you to unbelievable fortune which offers you to win big prize. It’s one of the most popular slot games in the world.

Game Procedure

There are 8 lines for each bet. The minimum bet is 40 points and the maximum bet is 80 points. Every reel will run individually when press spin.After all of reels stop, the player will win when the spin result matches the Odds.

[Slingle Line] [Free spin]


[Top award Paid]


[Double bonus Paid]



Odds window
Odds window
Press the DOUBLE button access to the double game window.
The double up order scale as following : Clown 3 > Clown 2 > Clown 1 > Elephant > Lion > Horse >Monkey,The higher wins; The lower lose.
Press any key from 1~3 (or A.B.C) to compete with the dealer. If your symbol is bigger than the dealer, you win double the award value. If your symbol is smaller than the dealer, you lose your bet. If the player’s symbol is the same as the dealer’s, the player wins.
Player press any one key form A.B.C to bet on. 
When A, B and C have identical symbols, the player will win the points which correspond with [Double bonus Paid].
Choose the Award button and the bonus award are added to your total credits bet. Select the double up button , all wins continue to be doubled.


Game Screen
Game Window
Select the number of red lines from 1-8. to bet on.
‧BET : Bet amount.
‧WIN : Payline wins.
‧CREDIT : The player’s current credit.
‧FREE 1/2/3 SPIN : A Free game is awarded when 3 clowns symbols appear on one payline.



  • TOTAL BET : The bet amount of this round.
  • WIN : The winning amount of this round.
  • CREDIT EXCHANGE : Exchange and cash out.
  • Stop : Stop reeling.
  • Bet : Bet on all paylines.
  • AUTO PLAY/STOP AUTO PLAY : Choose Auto Play or Stop Auto Play.
  • SPIN/STOP : Start or stop spin.
  • SCORE : Set up award or Auto award.
  • Double : Set up Award then bet to the dealer.
  • USER ID : Display the user’s ID
  • CREDITS : Display the current credit points.
  • SN : Game round
  • DEPOSIT : Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
  • SOUND : Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
  • MUSIC : Clicking to start or stop the background music.
  • HISTORY : Clicking to show the history data.
  • HELP : Clicking to show the game rules.
  • EXIT : Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.