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Slot 25 is a five reel, twenty five payline slot games. The multiple paylines increase your chances of winning



Sweep the mines buried in the hot zone, sweeping successfully to receive the five-star medals bonuses, when the skull emblem appears, mission failed and the bonus game ends .

Game Screen

  • AUTO PLAY/STOP AUTO PLAY : Choose Auto Play or Stop Auto Play.
  • BetMax : The full bet is up tp 25 lines.
  • Lines : The max. bet is 25 lines.
  • SPIN/STOP : Start or stop spin.
  • TOTAL BET : The bet amount of this round.
  • LINE BET : The point of each line.
  • WIN : The winning amount of this round.
  • CREDIT EXCHANGE : Choose the exchange and cash out, and also can click to change the ratio during the game.
  • USER ID : Display the user’s ID
  • CREDITS : Display the current credit points.
  • SN : Game round
  • SOUND : Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
  • MUSIC : Clicking to start or stop the background music.
  • HISTORY : Clicking to show the history data.
  • HELP : Clicking to show the game rules.
  • DEPOSIT : Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
  • EXIT : Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.